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“They talk about creating regional jobs. What about the 700 existing jobs we could lose.”

Carla Tierney, iDance Studios

Our Story

Please listen. We need this mine to save our jobs and our community. Here are some of our stories:

Local Community

Many people in regional communities will be impacted if New Acland closes. These include miners, farmers and local businesses.

Tracey Tiernay
Owner, Oakey Real Estate

Tracey has lived her entire life in Oakey and has been the owner operator of Oakey Real Estate for nearly 20 years. She went to school in Oakey, bought up her children in Oakey and is an active member of a number of community groups and organisations. She takes pride in belonging to the town and being a business owner there.

Tracey has seen many ups and downs within the local market. Because of the uncertainty of the future of the Mine and other issues that have hurt the town, she says she has never seen the market so depleted and business so tough. Tracey says that believing in the town and the community will get them through, but Oakey needs the New Acland Mine to secure its future.

As a community member, a business owner and employer she is proud to have New Acland Coal in the district to help sustain the region’s employment and growth.
the regions employment and growth.

Fiona Ireland
Ireland Engineering

They feel passionate about shopping locally and supporting local community groups.

Ireland Engineering started out making components for the agricultural industry but had to diversify when that work dried up due to the import market being more competitive.

The mining work came along just at the right time and they have been servicing the mine for the last nine years.

Fiona says it is not just their business that will be impacted if the mine were to close. Their suppliers will also be impacted from the loss of sales from Ireland Engineering. Some of their suppliers come as far afield as Toowoomba, Brisbane and even Perth.

Ireland Engineering has two full-time and four part-time staff that will most likely lose their jobs if the mine closes. It also has approximately 20-25 subcontractors. Most of them have farms or small businesses but rely on income from Ireland Engineering.

Fiona says her staff and contractors are like family to her and the thought of possibly losing them is very distressing and saddening. She says the prospect of having to look for other work at her age is daunting.

Fiona says she has seen the town of Oakey grow over the time the mine has been operating and says the local community needs it to stay alive.

Carla Tierney
Principal, iDance Studios

Carla has lived in Oakey her whole life. She grew up in Oakey and went to school there.

For the past 13 years she has run a dance studio business in Oakey. If the mine closes, she’s worried that parents and families of her students will suffer the most.

Carla is also concerned that, as many parents of her students work for the mine, her business will suffer if the mine has to shut down.

Alan Brown
Local farmer-miner

Alan Brown is a local Kulpi farmer who also works at New Acland Mine.

Alan is a fourth generation farmer who grew up on his family property in Haden, before relocating to Kulpi with his wife Jill and their four children. Alan runs cattle and crops. “I enjoy the New Acland work rosters because, compared to a regular 9 to 5 job, they give me plenty of daylight hours to work on my farm.”


Jodie Keane-Venz

Jodi is a local hairdresser with two salons in Oakey. If the mine closes she’s questioning keeping them both open. If a salon closes, four people will lose their jobs.

Farmer miner fire-fighter new acland

Andrew Scouller
Pittsworth farmer-miner fire-fighter

Pittsworth local Andrew Scouller started work at the New Acland Mine 12 years ago.

Andrew and his wife Libby have six children and also run a small cattle property at Felton. Andrew is also the Auxiliary Lieutenant of the Pittsworth Fire Station.

New Acland Mine supports Andrew in his multiple local responsibilities, enabling him to respond to emergencies 24/7 and supporting him to properly manage fatigue after fire station call-outs.

Andrew Langton
Oakey Electrical

Andrew has been a local Oakey resident for 45 years and, with his wife Nicole, is a second-generation owner of Oakey Electrical and Local Appliance Rentals, which employs 11 staff.   Nicole and Andrew have five children. One child works in the business with them.

Andrew and his family say it’s very important for their family to have the mine continue for their future.

Andrew says he has watched the change in Oakey over 45 years and has come to the realisation that Oakey cannot survive on just agriculture, which is why other enterprises, including mining, are vital for the town’s future.