The Facts – New Acland Mine

“The domino effect of closing the mine and decimating local jobs will be felt across our region.”

Dr John Hall, Downs Rural Medical

The Facts

How does the mine help?

Local benefits

  • provides jobs for more than 700 employees and contractors. There are no FIFO workers.
  • employs more than 50 farmers at New Acland – helping them to stay on the land.
  • injects more than $100 million into the regional economy each year.
  • pays Toowoomba City Council $11 million a year in council rates and for recycled waste water.
  • contributes $600,000 a year to the local community to support health education, community cohesion, and environmental initiatives.

Regional benefits

  • generates more than $300 million in the south-east Queensland economy each year
  • provides 60% of QR’s average revenue from coal services on the West Moreton Rail System. This is forecast to be $54 million per annum for the next four years (totaling $216m). This underpins the viability of the West Moreton Rail System – which is used by local agriculture and other industries.
  • pays $69 million a year to export through the port.