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“We’re the real people of Oakey. Please listen. We want this mine to save our jobs and our community.”

Jodie Keane-Venz, Engineering Hair Oakey

Save Regional Towns

Existing jobs are the lifeblood of regional towns like ours.

There’s a lot of talk about creating jobs in regional Queensland. But what about the 700 existing jobs we’ll lose if New Acland mine shuts?

We want to have our say about what we want for our community and our future.

The mine has been part of our community for over 15 years – they do a great job of looking after the people and the land. Discover more about how they help here.

Closing the mine and decimating local jobs will have a domino effect across our region. More than 50 local farmers work at the mine – if the mine shuts, some will have to leave their land.

We never in our wildest dreams thought we could lose the mine. We’re speaking up now – it’s time for the majority voice to be heard.

To see who’s affected click here and to see who supports us click here.

It’s not just about us here in Oakey – if it could happen here, it could happen to you.

Regional towns across Queensland are under threat – everyone knows when the jobs go the community can fall apart. It’s hard for a town to get back on its feet when jobs are lost.

To save jobs in your area speak to your local member about what they are doing to protect local jobs click here.

How to Help

Show your support and speak up for local jobs

Speaking up for Oakey is speaking up for regional jobs and towns.

To show your support, sign the online petition here